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china latest news about New products 2016

New products 2016

[2016-03-22 14:35:22]
Quartz crystal harp They are made of pure optically clear quartz crystal (glass won't sing). They are precisely made as only a process of a combination of machine made quartz rods and molds can do to result in precision accuracy, aligned and replicatable angles and mathematically correct sacred ... Read More
china latest news about Happy new year 2014!

Happy new year 2014!

[2014-01-03 21:41:11]
Happy new year 2014! We will coninue producing new products quartz singing pyramid, this month is 9 inch and 10inch, if you need any other size,plese feel free to contact us! Below is the picture ,more information please contact us Read More
china latest news about Crystal tuning fork 16mm

Crystal tuning fork 16mm

[2014-01-03 21:29:16]
1.Description high purity quartz Available in full diatonic scale Various combinations of any hertz frequencies can be custom ordered 2.product information small crystal tuning fork large crystal tuning fork raw material high purity quartz powder high purity quartz powder diameter 16mm 26m length ... Read More
china latest news about Clear quartz glass rod

Clear quartz glass rod

[2014-01-03 21:27:23]
1,clear quartz glass rod: 2 purity 99.99% min 3,Resistance 1100 degree, 1000 long time work 4, nonbrowning no blackline clear quartz glass rod 1, clear quartz glass rod : 2 purity 99.99% min 3,Resistance 1100 degree, 1000 long time work 4,Low OH 5, no bubble, no airline Specification: Outer Diameter... Read More
china latest news about New product reference

New product reference

[2013-12-03 21:56:03]
Crystal singing pyramid comes with a rubber mallet tool, felt wrapped tool, and a leather string used to hold the pyramid. Made from the purest, optically clear quartz; our crystal pyramids combine the power of pure sound with the strength of sacred geometry. These diverse spiritual tools produce ... Read More
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